Jul 17, 2010
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I love my job. 
I think when other people are experiencing a wedding they have the opportunity to get lost in thought, caught up at the bar or swept into conversation with an old friend. My job is to pay close attention to the whole day but especially to the bride and groom. And that is why I love my job. The way that I saw Adam look at Shannon when no one was looking made my whole day. I guess I might be foolish to think I can infer from a look exactly what he’s thinking but to me it was so clear. He looks at Shannon and sees a total prize. He won the jackpot and with every kiss or embrace on their wedding day it was written all over his face. They both felt so lucky to have each other. And so again, this is why I love my job. I see my clients interact with each other and I am reminded all over again to treat my husband like he is the greatest present I could ever receive. 
Shannon and Adam we thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you and your friends (you guys know how to have fun). Thank you for showing all your friends and family how sweet love can be. 


mathieuphoto_SA-0002.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0003.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0004.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0005.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0006.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0007.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0008.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0009.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0010.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0011.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0012.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0013.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0014.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0015.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0016.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0017.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0018.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0019.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0020.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0021.jpgmathieuphoto_SA-0022.jpgOn the left: Two of our favorite Mathieu Photography clients, Sam & Tyler! Their wedding was the third of our career. They trusted us with their wedding day and we feel so blessed that they have told their friends about us. We owe the steady growth of our business to people like them. We had the opportunity to shoot some of their other life occasions but I am most excited about the photo session I get to shoot this week!!! Newborn photos of baby Madyson!!!! :) We love you Sam & Tyler!

On the right: The picture perfect example of why our brides are the best ever! Shannon grabbed me and handed my camera to a friend and said she needed a photo with me! She looked at the back of my camera and said, “heck yeah, that’s blog sh*t right there!” I, of course, died laughing and had to put it up. Because Shannon said so. Shannon you rock!mathieuphoto_SA-0023.jpg