I tried to be involved at my high school. I tried out for various things all four years and for some reason I never found my “thing.” Looking back I see the wisdom in that for me and how gracious God is. I know myself, had I been accepted into one thing those would have been my only people. I like family, I LOVE community. But again, looking back I can see now, it was a total blessing. Being outside of the groups I was able to freely be a part of everyone and every group. I’m so grateful because in my mind when I graduated high school I was friends with everyone in my class. ( I assume there’s someone that’s not a fan of me (Molly) but in my mind we were all buds). Because of this I walked around the halls saying hi to everyone and passing out hugs (I think my memories are getting more flowery with age). I was friends with Vince and all his buddies. We all had classes together and even though high school was long ago now, he called me up almost 2 years ago to shoot his wedding to his lovely wifey, Steph. I have love for this crew specifically because I love the way they all do family. They are inclusive, welcoming, loyal and FUN. So, we were so stoked when Vince’s little sis, Ashley, called us up to shoot her wedding to Jacob. These two straight LOVE each other. They crack each other up, they are intentional with their actions, they work real hard and they party harder. (Again, I just want to be a part of this family. I want this kind of family of friends for my kids. As a parent I often wonder how do I raise kids to be like this? and by this, I mean awesome). Vince is friends with Ashley’s buddies, Jacob and Vince are homies from WAY back and there’s just this rich history that knits all these friends together and I feel so lucky to just be around to watch it. Ashley, you looked insane. Jacob, I say this as a mommy, you’re such a handsome stud! I was looking through these photos just picturing seeing my cute Riley with a smile that GIANT on his face waiting to see his bride!! You guys just killed it!!! Thank you so much for allowing us to be there. We love you guys and are so glad you had a fancy-food-cation-moon. I heard it was awesome! Enjoy!!!