Mar 25, 2010

When I was a little girl I dreamed of having a sister. (I got
three brothers instead and I adore them but that’s a different topic entirely.)
I read Anne of Green Gables and dreamed of finding my kindred spirit, my Diana.
A “bosom friend” to share all my peaks and valleys with. I was sure,
since I had made it almost through high school and had not found this kindred spirit,
I would just have to learn to live without her. It’s funny how God works things
out in my life because I had all but given up hope when I realized what precious
friendships I had with my cousins Penny and Babbs. We saw each other at family
parties, birthdays, Christmas, Easter and then suddenly we had jobs, a bit of
money and licenses. Spending time together became easier and our friendship
grew. It’s been well over a decade now and I cherish my relationships with my
sisters. We have traveled to New York and spent weeks having adventures
together in Europe, we have shared rooms and roofs and my girls stood beside me
and dripped happy tears on the day I married my guy. I’m so blessed because all
along I had been asking for just one kindred spirit and God generously gave me


Sarah, You are radiantly beautiful. You make me laugh and I
love hearing about your thoughts. I think you’re a brilliant thinker and
writer. Your desire to learn and grow inspires me. I truly feel honored to be
your friend. Thank you for sharing your deepest ickies and your greatest
triumphs with me. I will stand by you through ANYTHING. Here’s to sipping hot
tea while sitting on a wrap-around porch, sporting long gray granny braids and
shootin’ the sh*t when we’re 80.


i love you.

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