Jan 17, 2011
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Giving birth makes you a champion. Giving birth all natural, hippie-style makes you the ultimate champion. My girlfriend Megan has joined the mega-champion club! She pushed this precious little bundle out in record time and I could not be more proud :) There is something so magical about new babies and it seems that they are being born all around me, all the time. ‘Tis the season I suppose? 

Little “Birdie” as momma calls her is beautiful and perfect in every way. Meg, out of everyone I know I was most excited to see you become a mommy. You were made for this and I feel so blessed to be able to walk even just a bit of this journey beside you. Thank you for allowing me to slip in to capture some photos of her in her first amazing 24 hours on this planet! 

mathieuphoto_Birdy  -0001.jpg
mathieuphoto_Birdy  -0002.jpgmathieuphoto_Birdy  -0003.jpgmathieuphoto_Birdy  -0004.jpgmathieuphoto_Birdy  -0005.jpgmathieuphoto_Birdy  -0006.jpgmathieuphoto_Birdy  -0008.jpgmathieuphoto_Birdy  -0009.jpg