Jun 23, 2010
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Blair and Sean make us SUPER happy! They are some “OG” Mathieu
Photography clients turned very good friends. They have one of the
coolest marriages that I have ever seen modeled before me. They take
CARE of each other and selflessly put the other person first. I admire
so many things about the way they love each other and I am especially
excited to see them LOVE on baby Jordan!! If ever there were two people
suited for parenthood it’s Sean and Blair.

You guys, we love
you. We feel so blessed to know you and call you friends. We look
forward to many more after church lunches and baby dates. Happy
Pushing!! :)

mathieuphoto_blair_sean 1.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-2.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-3.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-4.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-5.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-6.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-7.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-8.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-9.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-10.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-11.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-12.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-13.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-14.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-15.jpgmathieuphoto_blair_sean 1-16.jpg

  • LUUUHUUVE the blue ones! Blair is a cute lil mama.

  • Holy moly! These two know how to work a camera! Blair looks so radiant!! Love the photos! The last one is my fave!!!

  • So first of all , I am totally in tears right now! What you wrote is the sweetest and we feel the exact same way about you guys – and you know we feel BEYOND blessed to be able to call you our best friends! I cant tell you how amazing it is for us to spend time with you guys…every single time we have that chance! And on top of all the love we have for you guys, its pretty amazing to have you to capture all these BIG things in our lives , and just to have you there to experience it all with us – and I am so excited for you to be there when Jordan is born. Matt, Molly and Charlotte – you are an amazing family!! Thank you soooo much for taking these for us and for your friendship….oh wait, did I mention that I am in love with all of these pictures!? ummm yeah, TOTALLY us!!!! I have no idea how I am going to decide on one for a big canvas!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!