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Matt, Molly, Charlotte, Riley & Lucy


March 27, 2014

Brittany and Keith were a ton of fun to shoot and super sexy! What a fun afternoon in Corona Del Mar. We are so excited to shoot their wedding later this year in Laguna Beach!! Happy Thursday everyone!!


March 20, 2014

Sometimes I’m surprised by how awesome a wedding can be. But other times I already KNOW how awesome it will be and I’m looking forward to it long before the big day arrives. A few years back we shot Christie & Seth’s wedding. We loved their families and of course dreamed of participating in other weddings in the future. I was thrilled when Tracy reached out to us about her upcoming marriage! We chatted for a long time over coffee… about the wedding of course, but also about so many other things. I love having clients that I love as individuals. Clients that don’t feel like “work” but friends. We are truly so lucky, all of our clients tend to fall into this category. We couldn’t wait to shoot Tracy and Brady’s wedding and it surpassed the hype I had built up in my mind. Two people who constantly seek the face of Jesus and are now setting off to do that together. Committed for life. A loyalty of love sworn before all their loved ones and God. So many people eager to toast them, love on them and hug them. A wonderful party and a piñata filled with a bouquet, a garter and candy (of course). What a day! Tracy, Brady, we hope we’ve captured memories that can last you a lifetime. We love you guys!

March 5, 2014

We are so grateful to have people that share their love of us! It has made our business grow over the last seven years and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Referrals are the loveliest form of flattery and we were so excited when Kelly and Brian sent Kat and Gabe our way! My favorite part of the day was most definitely their vows. I’m a nerd at heart and when Gabe told Kat that she was his Origin Story I nearly died. Too much sweetness! We had so much fun walking the beautiful grounds of the Mission Inn and spending time with their friends and family! Here’s to a fantastic new year of awesome weddings! What a way to kickoff 2014!! Thanks for partying with us you guys!!






















































February 13, 2014

It’s always crazy to write this blog post. The blog post that closes out another year of weddings. It’s wild to think about how fast the time goes. We’ve been shooting weddings for 7 years! It’s such a blessing to have had this beautiful opportunity fall in to our laps. We get to walk for a short time with our couples and see them jump off the cliff together. We feel that it’s an absolute honor to witness our couples make these commitments and we carry the weight of their vows with us daily. I always feel strengthened and encouraged, there is beauty in such a commitment. We are so grateful to our wedding photographer, Amy Squires  she was so helpful and encouraging in our first years and still to this day. She was instrumental in our business and we have loved being a part of this industry. I plan to ride this out for as long as there are lovers willing to hire us.

Jill and Ragy are a gorgeous couple! But, truly, their love is what makes them shine. The moment Ragy saw Jill he just kept saying, “wow.” It was the most precious response I’d ever seen. Seriously, stunned by her beauty with just one tiny word he could get out. It was a love-filled day form beginning to end. They laughed hard, cried hard and partied hard. Their vows were deep and full of intention. I just adore what we do and ending our year with them was the tastiest icing on the cake of 2013. Cheers and here’s to another love-filled year!




























































January 20, 2014

Kristi and Christopher have a beautiful story. The way that God can orchestrate the lives of two people together always amazes me. Through hurt, pain and life’s trials these two have bonded, created a family and forged a life together on the other side of the world. I smiled the entire time I looked back through these photos. The smile on her face is just contagious. I love the giant smile on Kristi’s face when she’s with Chris. You can’t fake a smile like that. As always just an absolute pleasure to do what we do. We love you guys and we’re so thrilled for your adventures abroad. God speed and praying for your safety Chris, thank you for serving our country.