Dec 06, 2011
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We have been so blessed in the friend department. I have moments all the time when I actually ponder how it’s possible. Matt and I have the world’s most awesome friends. Brad and Kara are some of those people. We met about 5 years ago and became friends, then we shot their wedding and became better friends and now we have countless memories with them to look back on. It’s amazing to meet people like Kara and Brad because they would literally do anything for you. They’re selfless and giving in a way that always inspires me. They are great entertainers and it is always so much fun to share a meal with them in their cozy home. The extra super awesome bonus is that we are a great foursome but we also do great to split off into the guys and the girls. I love that Matt has a buddy he can just nerd-out with, shoot the breeze and be himself. It’s always good to have safe friends in your life, the kind of friends you don’t have to B.S.


Brad and Kara, we love you guys and you are such a blessing to us. Thank you for being our friends. Cheers.


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