Nov 27, 2011
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Well folks, the wedding season for 2011 is coming to an end. Just a couple more to go… Erica and Brian have been planning their special day for quite some time and we were so excited for the BIG day to finally be here!! We were especially excited because we got to work with one of our all time FAVORITE coordinating teams, In The Now! Amanda, Josh, Nena and Rach made the day and all of it’s events flow with ease and they’re always good for a laugh (or a practical joke that nearly landed me flat on my ass!)


The day was sweet and full of tender moments. Erica lost her father recently and in our meeting she spoke of how Brian really swooped in and took care of her and her mom. I can’ think of a more beautiful beginning to a marriage. For Erica to know so early on in their journey that Brian will literally be there to catch her if she falls. As her mom toasted them with tears in her eyes that night I felt so blessed to witness such commitment, in good and bad, in sickness and in health. I tell our clients “things will get rough and that’s when your commitment NOT your feelings will pull you through” Brian and Erica are such an example of that commitment. I can’t wait to see the beautiful journey that they have unfolding before them.


We hope you guys had fun on your honeymoon and took lots of rad underwater pictures. Enjoy!!

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