Sep 22, 2010
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We’ve traveled for shoots before but this was a strange day. We left at O’dark thirty and boarded a plane for San Francisco, we arrived, ate at our favorite place in SF, Truly Mediterranean, met up with Candace & Jared, shot for a couple of hours and headed back to the airport just in time to arrive back at home in the dark. We got there and it almost felt like 5:30 in the morning again… bazar. 
Candace and Jared are silly and in love and you all know how much we love that! We walked around the city and found some sweet little places to shoot. Candace cannot stop smiling and laughing and Jared looks at her like she’s the only girl that exists, which I adore. We are so excited for their bid day in just a few short weeks!!

mathieuphoto_CJ -0001.jpg

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