Nov 11, 2010
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We shot a wedding in San Diego and then drove through the night to a little town called Hanford out in the country. Candace’s parents live in a gorgeously restored older home and the yard was the perfect setting for their ceremony. Friends and family came form all over to celebrate with them and we felt so honored to be a part of something so BIG! We spent a long day with them and it was so cool that at one point Candace was ready and waiting on her girls and her and I got to just sit and chat for a bit. I loved hearing about how her parents met and the plans that her and Jared have for their future. 
Candace wore the same shoes that her grandmother and mother wore on their respective wedding days and there was a rad display of family wedding dresses at their reception. I think my favorite part of the day was when all the grooms buddies took shotguns in hand for some photos. (Special thanks to Candace’s dad Bob for having the large shotgun supply) We took photos of the newlyweds with their first family member, their pup, Bosley and partied with them all night! 
Candace and Jared you are two of the hardest working people we know and yet you also know how to have the most fun. What a blessing that we got to know you and we look forward to photo shoots in the years to come :)
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  • I Die! Such gorgeous shots. And the bride is stunning!!!

  • Those are rockin’! The shotgun pics are shweet!

  • You guys should do this for a living

  • you guys crushed it. Killer shots.

  • These are freakin amazing! LOVE all the shot gun pictures!
    …and it looks like Candace feels the exact same way you have made Sean and I feel! :) Super stoked with amazing photos, and BFFs forevah! ;)

  • Thank you so so much Matt and Molly! We love you guys so much and are just so happy with our photos. You truly have a gift and we are beyond grateful to you for such amazing photos. And Molly, I absolutely loved being able to sit and chat with you while I was WAITING on the girls, it was one of the most relaxing parts of the day and I was so happy to have shared those moments with you! I am looking forward to seeing you guys again soon, when we make it down south, we absolutely need to grab a bite or a quick coffee. Much love!

  • Ummmm the shot of him holding the shotgun while she holds her bouquet? HOT DAMN! Love em!