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Mar 06, 2015
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Jul 17, 2014
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Shooting weddings is an intimate privilege. To be practical strangers when some of our clients meet us and to be able to capture something so meaningful to them and to the start of their lives together… it’s pretty awesome. There’s only one thing that comes to mind that trumps the intimacy of a wedding day… live birth!!! I know, I know, it freaks some people out and I get it. But I love it. To be a fly on the wall, wielding a camera while someone pushes a baby into the world?! CRAZYTOWN! It’s a miracle and I want to witness as many of them as I can. When our dear friends Brad and Kara allowed me to document this I was thrilled. It was a long day filled with reading and photographing and chats with Dan but it was worth every second to see Kara labor and birth their first son! Logan is beautiful and even though he made things a little tricky with his entrance he’s here and he’s perfect! Yay for babies!!!!

Oct 10, 2012
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I am ALWAYS so incredibly honored to photograph a birth. I am inspired, encouraged and blessed every time. There is NOTHING like seeing a new life come into the world. My words could never even start to explain the miracle. And, trust me, it’s nothing short of a miracle.
I met Judy and Henry over coffee and heard a bit about their story. They’ve been in California a while but are originally from New Zealand. It was so fun to see their adorable faces and then hear those amazing accents!! We chatted about birth and plans and how they envisioned things going. I, of course, had to share how much I loved my experience with the Bradley Method. I tried to answer questions as best I could and left them to figure out what options were best for them and their soon to be new baby. We chatted a bit before he made his arrival but I didn’t know until I got to the hospital that they had in fact done Bradley classes and that their teacher Melissa was there to be their doula!!
Judy was remarkable! She was a champion! This is why I am so encouraged shooting births, witnessing the incredible strength of other women is empowering. Birth is like this crazy marathon with the MOST AMAZING gift waiting for you at the finish line. (WAY better than any medal or ribbon you could ever receive).  Judy labored quietly and Henry gently saw to all of her needs. Melissa was there with encouraging words in times of Judy’s self-doubt and questioning. It was such a beautiful example of a well-oiled machine. All of the pieces worked so well together.
I could go on forever but lets just say that Judy was amazing. Owen’s birth was fairly easy in comparison to some births and he came out perfect and beautiful! And just like that Judy and Henry are forever changed. They will Owen’s parents forever and I think they’ll love him fiercely. Judy and Henry, thank you for allowing me to document something to intimate. It was a complete honor.



























Aug 08, 2012
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If I didn’t love Amanda so much I would hate her. If you’re a mom, you would too. My first labor was nearly 21 hours of crazy contractions followed by 3 hours of pushing. Amanda’s water broke at 5:30 and Finley was here promptly at 8! NOT FAIR.

Anyway, like I said I could NEVER hate Amanda because I love her so much. Do you ever meet people and think to yourself, “that person is just my kind.” Well, that’s how I feel about Amanda. I love her sense of humor, her love for her clients, the care she takes for others around her and especially the beautiful marriage she has cultivated over many years. I will never forget Josh surprising me by showing me his phone across our dinner table. I though I was looking at a photo of the something we were chatting about and I SCREAMED! There was a teeny-tiny ultrasound of growing baby Auer! And now she is here!!!!!!!!! Finley is beautiful and how couldn’t she be, she hardly spent any time getting beat up in the birth canal.

When you’re friends share with you a tiny piece of their heart, if you’re a good friend, you treasure that little piece. Amanda and Josh, I have prayed for Finley and I am so glad that the pregnancy is over and she is finally in your arms. You both are the most deserving, grace-filled, loving people I know and I am so incredibly blessed that I got to experience you receiving such a precious gift.

I love all three of you. Thank you so much for letting me snap a few shots of her at just a few hours old. And now I present to you, Miss Finley Dale.



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Nov 18, 2011
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Where do I begin?…. I am a lover of all things birth. I think it’s beautiful and magical and since I took Bradley classes while I was pregnant with Charlotte a passion has been lit inside of me. Our bodies are miraculous and fantastic and created to bring precious human life into the world. Rad, right?! I was thrilled when my friend Carlie decided to try for a drug free, Bradley birth! Having had 2 babies I know what my body likes to do, it takes things SLOW. (enter irritated/sad face emoticon here). I take forever and there is no rhyme or reason but everyone’s bodies just do their own thing. Well, I felt really blessed to watch Carlie labor and give birth. She was a *text book* labor and delivery and it was so exciting to see things go so quickly and smoothly. Praise the Lord Piper was born healthy and perfect and loved from the minute she arrived.


Carlie, thank you. You are beautiful in all your birthing glory. There were brief moments when you had doubts but I knew you could do it!! You are magnificent and there are not any earthly *push presents* that would ever do it justice. You pushed that little one out all by yourself. You and Gabriel made, yet again, a little beautiful person. Thank you for asking me to be a part of Piper’s birth story. I hope that these images will remind you of the war you waged to get this little one here. YOU ARE AWESOME! 

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