Aug 10, 2010
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There have been quite a few stones tossed into my life but a few of them have created ripple affects that will be felt forever. I worked for Islands Restaurants for 5 years and I loved it! I made friends there that changed my life and I learned so many valuable tools for life by being in the service industry. (Most people think I’m crazy but I secretly miss serving tables. I love the hospitality of it and the pace.) Matt and I served tables for YEARS and we think everyone should have to work in a restaurant for at least a year. It’s important people, I mean it!

I met Christie right before I left Islands and she was a newbie. Christie has an infectious laugh and an adorable scratch in her voice that I LOVE. I was so excited when we met up and chatted about her wedding day. She has a million great ideas running through her head and supportive Seth by her side. She also made the incredibly smart decision to hire our friend Amanda over at In The Now Weddings & Events to coordinate. We cannot wait for the big day!!! :)

mathieuphoto_CS -0001.jpg
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  • What amazing photos and what a gorgeous couple!!! The 4 of us can’t wait for the wedding. Lots of love.

  • What amazing photos and what a gorgeous couple!!! The 4 of us can’t wait for the wedding. Lots of love.

  • The pictures look amazing. Cant wait for the wedding.

  • Seriously Molly and Matt you are killing me softly with these pics!!!!!! They are fannnnntastic, and I’m sure it helps that Christie and Seth are a drop dead gorgeous duo. I cannot wait for their wedding.

  • Dude. This is STUPID HOT. Christie and Seth are soooooo awesome and I think these pics totally capture their personalities. Cannot WAIT for their big day. It’s gonna be epic!

  • MOL. And MATT. I am dying!! I loooooove this couple to death, death, death. They are just as cute as they appear in photos [and more, right?]. You captured their essence perfectly. BUT- actually Nowie gals Rachel + Sharon are the leads on this wedding. It’s going to be the serious bomb dot com so I wanna make sure they get their proper credit. YAY. But I’ll be there too. Cause I can’t stay away. YAY. Did I mention YAY??

  • love the car sequence!

  • LOVE that photo through the trees. Amazing work.

  • The first photo….holy moly so beautiful! I love them all! Great work you two!

  • The pictures look great! Looking forward to the wedding. Can you follow us around more often with your look-sexy filter?
    Thanks for posting them. -Seth

  • love love the first photo. so romantic. swoon.

  • AWESOME session! love the variety and emotion.