At a few of the weddings we shoot there is a special something in the air. I’m not sure if everyone in attendance is aware of it but as the person being paid to document the day I am watching everyone and so maybe I tend to pick up on it more than most. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is…. but I always leave these particular weddings wanting to stay longer, absorb more, and oddly wanting to talk to the people that raised the people I’ve been around all evening so that I can use their wisdom to, hopefully, impart some onto my own kids. Like I said I can’t really explain it... I know everyone has a friend or two in the world. I know that friends and aquaintances alike come out to a wedding and even long lost family members. So you, see I guess that helps to explain… there is a genuine closeness at some weddings and a genuine awkwardness at others. At these weddings were there is a crazy closeness and intimacy it is tangible to me. I want to be friends with these kids just because I can see, from the outside looking in, the way that they love and care for each other. I can feel that there are memories and a lifetime of experiences that have bonded these people together. Again, it’s strange because I am  an outsider but I for sure want to infiltrate their friend circle so I can soak up some of it. Now that Matt and I have littles it’s gone to a deeper level. I watch these kids celebrating with one another and I get teary eyed because I long for my kids to share in that type of experience. To be known, loved and celebrated by everyone you love all at once even if only for one day is the most beautiful of events this side of heaven. Ramble, ramble I could go on for days… I muse about this in my mind for days on end after weddings like that and happily we tend to attract clients that produce this kind if intimacy at their weddings, Hallelujah.

Chuck and Lauren’s wedding in Los Olivos was my “aha” moment. My photographer and friend worlds collided and it was spectacular. I got to be a part of IT! Chuck has been Matt’s best friend since they were little boy scouts  together, they’ve shared quite a few hilarious memories and walked through the ups and downs of adulthood together. Chuck also grew up on my street my whole life so I can’t remember a time in my life where Chuck wasn’t somewhere on the playground. After high school the 3 of us became super close and there has been a rad bond there ever since. Watching your best friend, whom you fiercely love, marry their best friend is the most awesome. Matt and I are protective of the tender hearts of our friends but I knew when I heard Lauren’s vows that she would take care of his heart forever. And just like that I was standing right in the middle of it. Dancing under the stars with amazing friends that I’ve known for decades. People who have watched Matt and I meet, date, fall in love and grow a family. What is more special than shared experiences? We sipped wine and laughed hysterically and even hit a local bar (after the wedding) and saw Marshall Erikson! It’s been over a month and I just keep wanting to relive that day. I could blab about my feelings all day but I’ll leave you with this… keep your eye out for  it and if you find yourself in the middle of it take a deep breath and soak it in. It will, unfortunately, be over too quickly but at least you’ll have memories to relive.