Dec 16, 2011
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The Biola network is awesome! So many of our clients come back to connections we have through Biola and we love having threads that we can trace to common friends. It’s kind of funny because Matt and I didn’t go to college there and yet somehow through all of our restaurant coworkers we have known so many Biola students. Cody and Kylie were such a fun coffee date for me when we met for the first time. Once I’ve made it clear at an initial meeting that I’m not a creep-o I usually ask something along the lines of “tell me why he/she is THE ONE?” I know it’s a crazy question but the way that people answer that question is a defining moment. It’s not necessarily the content but the way that it’s said. I don’t honestly remember all of their words but it was the way they both got a little misty and tongue-tied and went on and on about all the beautifully strong characteristics that they see in their soon-to-be spouse. Matt and I love intentionality, it’s something we long for more of in ourselves and it’s always so awesome to see it modeled for us in our clients. Cody & Kylie are a perfect match and here are a couple photos to prove it!

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