Jun 29, 2012
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We live in a culture that doesn’t value sexuality as something precious and sacred. I’m not here to cast judgment on anyone (if I did I’d have to start with myself) but i say that to lead into this…

There is something AMAZING about a bride and groom who have saved themselves for each other. It’s beautiful, it’s sacred and it’s rare. The excitement, the joy, the freedom and the lack of “emotional baggage” is refreshing. I hope more than anything else in this world that I can help guide my children down this path. To give something THAT special to your spouse, what a gift.
Taya and Dale are special to us. I’ve known Taya for about 17 years. We have gone on many a vacation with the Gibson family and it has been such an honor to grow up along side them. After church lunches, Hume Lake, camping trips, Hawaii. There are such good memories. Another reason we love their family so dearly is that they were a very important piece to Mathieu Photography being what it is.
On January 14, 2007 Matt and I shot our first wedding as a couple and Mathieu Photography became something real. Our first clients were Tarahca and Greg (the Gibson’s oldest daughter and Taya’s older sister). First clients may not seem like a big deal but keep in mind that we’re paid to capture memories of a one time deal that will be looked at FOREVER as precious memories! (no pressure). We felt truly honored/terrified that someone would trust us, let alone pay us to be our guinea pigs. It was an amazing experience and those photos are on display at the house when we have “family Christmas” every year at the Gibson house.
It’s so amazing how much can happen in 5 years. We have watched Tarahca and Greg grow into this awesome, mature married couple, we’ve watched Taya tell us that “her eggs are dying” and think that time was running out and then watched God swoop in and provide, as He always does, with exactly what you need. Taya and Dale were and are an answer to everyone’s prayers for each other. And our business has matured and grown. We have to thank Greg and Tarahca for trusting us. Without them we very likely would not have a business at all. They gave us the confidence, grace and encouragement we needed to jump off the entrepreneurial ledge and we will be forever grateful.
Alright, (as if you’re even still reading all these rambles) let’s get on with it. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, photos of a gorgeous bride and groom!
Taya and Dale, we love you guys and we can’t wait to see you in November!!

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  • We LOVE our pictures from that amazing day. You guys truly told a story with your photography. I just re read what you wrote and had tears in my eyes thank you two for capturing our special day better than we ever could have imagined! Love you guys!

  • I honestly think these may be your best yet. What a story, told perfectly.

  • Wow, gorgeous. The portraits… so absolutely breathtaking!!!

  • Gorgeous work, friends! The portraits in this set are perfect!

  • Kathy Millikan

    Loved what you wrote—I read and savored every word! Beautifully spoken from the heart! Great lead in to extraordinary photography!!! You totally captured it all with the look on Dale’s face!! And the one of the two of them hugging at first sight! They are all gorgeous,but Matt you out did yourself with the last one, WOW! literally “The two shall become ONE”!!! Awesome job guys!