Jul 26, 2015
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Often at weddings I get this amazing feeling. I feel like my heart is screaming out “I want to be a part of this family!”. I already have an amazing family of my own but I think it’s so neat that there is something deep inside of me that just wants to be in the middle of all the fun and the love. I’ve known Dana and her family for most of my life so that could also be a part of the feeling… but I think anyone on the peripheral would have felt the same way. Genuine smiles and love flowing all over the place. I remember Dana telling me at our meeting that their wedding was all about their giant family of blood and friends. They threw the most beautiful party and put so much energy and personal attention into their day. Dana is a talented artist and she created so many of these beautiful details BY HAND!! Dana and Dustin were celebrated and surrounded by so many people that admire their relationship and we are so excited that we got to be there to capture this momentous day to kick off their married life together! Love you guys!!