Jan 17, 2011
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We’d like to welcome David Clinton IV to the blog-o-sphere! We shot Robyn and David’s wedding back in 2009 and we were so excited to hear that they were expecting their first little one! I followed Robyn’s growing belly through her posts on Facebook and I was so excited to see all the beautiful photos they posted of David’s birth story. Since they got married they have moved to Utah and so we patiently waited for them to come visit at Christmas! Davey (as I like to call him) is absolutely precious! My favorite thing about him, by far, is his bright red hair and the fact that he looks like one of the Peanuts gang. Robyn was a super woman and gave birth at home and David was the rockstar daddy-deliverer! We had so much fun spending time with them and we can’t wait to see them all again! mathieuphoto_DC4 -0001.jpg

mathieuphoto_DC4 -0002.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0003.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0004.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0005.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0006.jpgNobody likes to get caught with their pants down ;)
mathieuphoto_DC4 -0007.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0008.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0009.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0010.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0011.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0012.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0013.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0014.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0015.jpgmathieuphoto_DC4 -0016.jpg