Sep 15, 2011
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It’s always an extreme honor for our clients to invite us into their wedding day. Erica and Anton are clients of ours that just “get it.” They were so intentional about everything. Their vows were honest and thoughtful. They are truly two individuals that understand that they are bringing their very different personalities into a serious union of oneness. They see the other as a benefit to their differences. They seemed to understand that it will not always be easy but that they will be in a constant state of celebrating and cherishing each others strengths and weaknesses.  Anton makes Erica laugh and, let’s be honest, her laugh is totally precious. Their friends spoke so highly of them and the way they take care of the people around them and it shows. They were married in the Rose Garden near the Santa Barbara Mission and their reception was held at the gorgeous Canary Hotel. I want to stay at the Canary, it’s absolutely beautiful and the rooftop pool and reception area are a dream. We also have to thank the amazing team at NLC Productions. Nico and his girls were so fun and easy going and they pulled all the details together with ease. And also a HUGE thank you to Rebecca with Unveiled Makeup & Hair, Erica looked beautiful!

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