Apr 12, 2010

So our first attempt at a little family stay-cation was a total success! It’s so neat that we have friends experiencing the same phase of life right now. Charlotte and Wyatt were born a week apart. All four of us (me, Matt, Mark & Candice) are so excited to watch them both grow up and it’s already been such an adventure so far.

We hung out at the house, took the babies to the Long Beach Aquarium, played some cards, watched a movie, went out on the duffy, enjoyed a bonfire with some friends, had some serious convos, laughed, ATE, and took way too many photos of our kids and not enough of ourselves on vacay.

Mark and Candice: you guys are so rad and you’re a total blessing to us. There could not be a more perfefct time in our lives to have met and become friends. Thanks for the pancakes :)

*I swear Candice WAS on our vacation. But I can’t show you any photographic proof.