Nov 01, 2010

It was like deja vu. We drove over to my parent’s house last night to have a quiet Halloween. We laid Charlotte on the front room carpet and dressed her up in her costume. Matt looked at me and said, “It’s like Deja vu.” And it was. A year ago exactly we took a tiny, little 6 week old baby to her grandparent’s house for her first Halloween. She was TINY and looked like a little peanut in her Tootsie Roll costume. And yesterday she stood in front of us as a precious little 13 month old Peep! She ran around the ouse and chased the cat, she squealed with delight and everyone’s faces lit up because Charlotte has become the happy little center to our family. Her curious noises, her LONG beautiful pointer finger and her toothy smile (with big painful molars breaking through). 

Charlotte you crack us up. We love you SO much and we are SO, SO, SO excited to spend the holidays with you in OUR HOUSE!!!!!! I hope you always grow up feeling safe and cozy in the home we are trying to build for you. We are so grateful for space to scoot around in and rooms for you to explore. 
Happy (late) Halloween everyone!  :)