May 06, 2010
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Undoubtedly at EVERY client meeting I ramble on about how
stoked I am about my job. I wake up on the weekends and remind myself how
ridiculously fortunate I am to have a job at all, let alone a job I love. 


Meghan & Jake’s wedding was out of this world. Gorgeous,
hand-made details, bridesmaids dresses & groomsmen ties made by a talented
aunt, a whimsical headpiece made by a friend for the bride… it was a DIY dream
and it looked nothing short of top of the line professional!


My favorite part of the day by far went as follows:


The sounds of Meghan’s brother practicing the beautiful
worship song he would sing during their time of communion was wafting through
the air while daddy and daughter walked towards an excited and emotional Jake.
There were hugs, there were tears and there was excitement (not fear) about the
lifelong promises they were about to make to each other.


I adore our clients. I rejoice in the choice they make to
commit for life in a world that tells them and shows them repeatedly that marriage
is a joke. Our clients are fun, carefree, joyful, in love and funny but when it
comes to marriage they are serious.




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