Feb 07, 2012
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Reconnecting with old friends is an added bonus to an already cool job for us! Jasmine and I used to work together, back in the day, at RTP. (that’s Round Table Pizza if you’re not hip to the lingo). We spent our nights and weekends throwing pepperonis at each other and making super annoyed faces at each other while we took phone orders. It was great, really I could not have asked for better jobs as a kid. I love working as a team and pizza places are so much fun! Well, much like RTP  brought me and Jasmine together, In-N-Out brought Jasmine and David together. Like I said, being a part of a team is fun. Which is probably why almost their entire bridal party had roots tracing them all back to In-N-Out. It was so much fun to see her again and meet the man she’s devoted her life to. David is quiet with a subtle smile and I’m guessing a very big heart. I am so looking forward to the arrival of their precious daughter, Ireland. As soon as she arrives there will photos of her here. Enjoy!


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