Jul 29, 2010
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Blair and Sean were one of our very first weddings the summer we started our business. Their story is special to us and we will never forget their wedding, filled with tons of love and a great dance party! Since then we have become good friends. Blair and Sean were part of our welcome home crew when we brought Charlotte home from the hospital. Blair brought me the most amazing cream cheese pumpkin muffins! I would wake up in the middle of the night to feed Charlotte and those muffins would just stare at me until I gave in and devoured one every night around 3 in the morning. It was a sad day when they ran out :(

We’ve grown closer over the years and our dinners at El Farolito and after church lunches have become great memories with them. We chatted towards the end of our pregnancy about when it would be their turn. They seemed unsure of “when” but it seemed like immediately they were pregnant and we were thrilled! We chatted about the possibility of birth photos. I was beyond excited to try something new photographically and even more excited that I may get to see a baby come right out of the chute! :)

Well, it didn’t go exactly that way but little J Rock found his way out with some assistance and I got to be there when he finally arrived. I won’t ever be able to put into words what a precious experience this was for me. The birth of a baby between two people who love each other so much… it was so neat to see. The moment that baby is here everything changes. A moment before it was just Blair and Sean and then, instantly they were transformed into parents, forever. It’s a blessing and a miracle and I was humbled to even be close enough to see it, let alone photograph it. 

Blair and Sean we love you. We are so grateful to know you and thank you for including us in the precious moments while your family grows. Jordan has no idea how lucky he is to have you both as parents.
VB-M-J -0171-Edit.jpg
VB-M-J -0178-Edit.jpg“Let’s do this!”
VB-M-J -0190-Edit.jpg
VB-M-J -0223-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0238-Edit.jpg“Hi Daddy.”VB-M-J -0265-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0292-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0296-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0307-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0310-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0316-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0331-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0353-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0359-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0368-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0387-Edit.jpgVB-M-J -0398-Edit.jpgI’m the luckiest girl in the whole world :)VB-M-J -0405-Edit.jpg
  • Just came across this post again doing a google search, and Sean and I got teary. Thanks again friend! Love you guys! :)

  • Oooooo friend…. giving me something to think about!!!! These moments are so precious. What a gift for you to be there to capture them:)

  • Absolutely Perfect! The moment could not have been captured any better. Molly, thanks for being such a trooper and hanging out the entire night! You two are amazing people and even more amazing photographers…. I’d hire ya! hehehehe. Love ya soooo much and thanks again!

  • So I was teary eyed before I even got to the pictures – we are so incredably thankful for the 3 of you! We love you guys so much and are so glad God has put you into our lives!
    And I was in full blown tears when I got to the pictures. These are so amazing and I have crazy goose bumps just thinking about how blessed we are to have these incredable images to have forever , and to have equally amazing friends that have been there to take all of the important pictures that really matter for us!.
    We love you guys so much and will never be able to thank you enough for everything!!! :)
    p.s. I just love love love Sean and Jordan together in all of these pictures.
    p.p.s. I am so glad I have already lost a ton of weight lol ;)