Sep 20, 2011
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Every so often we get to be a part of something truly small and intimate. It’s so beautiful to be involved in such an important way. I got to capture a ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean on an overcast afternoon and watch two people commit to FOREVER in front of their 2 witnesses and their trusted pastor. I have a close connection to all of these people and I love that. Our business is one of an organic nature. I love seeing familiar faces and knowing that I am trusted in my skill because of strong relationships we’ve built with our previous clients and friends.

The groom is my cousin. We’ve been homies since birth, just one month apart. His now wife, Katie, has been a part of our family for almost a decade. We LOVE her and she folds into our family perfectly. You may recognize their witnesses, Mike and Jessica from their engagement  and wedding sessions. And Doug…. Doug, Doug, Doug. He knows Matt and I on an extremely intimate level. He has seen us through all of our ups and downs as a couple, walked with us through our called off engagement, our on-again engagement and everything in between. He stood right in front of us with our mentor, Erik, and they married Matt and I as a team. I could go into over-share mode (if I haven’t already) so I’ll stop.. just please know that I felt so blessed to be standing with 5 people I love for a life changing moment. We are so excited to celebrate with them and the rest of the family in November.

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