Oct 27, 2010
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can learn a lot about your bride and groom by the genuine things their friends
have to say about them. On their wedding day people toasted to them said things
like, “your love and relationship is what sets the example for the rest of
us.” If I were Scott and Kendall I’d feel pretty honored that my friends
looked upon my relationship so highly. Scott and Kendall are funny and sweet
and so in love with each other. I will never forget when Kendall and Scott
thanked everyone for coming to their BIG day and then Kendall said, ” we
had to narrow it down A LOT, so you guys really are our 160 closest
BFF’s.” I cracked up laughing. Anyone that has 160 BFF’s is friendly and
they have quite a few people that love them and our rooting for their marriage,
including us. 

and Scott, you guys are awesome and please know that when marriage gets rough
we are in your corner. We hope you had an amazing honeymoon!

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