Nov 02, 2011
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I was asked to shoot the homecoming for the USMC 1/5 to Camp Pendleton. Kevin Gilbert’s family wanted me to shoot the homecoming because his father wasn’t able to attend, he’s in Afghanistan. I happily agreed, I had never shot something like this before and I was super excited. We waited around for several hours getting updates every few minutes of where the Marine’s were and how close they were getting to see their families again. You could feel the anxiety and the excitement grow as we heard the Marine’s were now on base, then we saw the buses, then they unloaded gear from the truck, then they had to sign in their weapons…everyone was getting so antsy. A few girls next to us had babies who’d never met their fathers. What a momentous occasion. The Marine’s marched out following Vet’s riding Harley’s. They all stood at attention, turned towards the awaiting crowd. The moment the Marine’s were released was crazy, everyone went running for their loved ones. I’ve never heard such shouts of joy or seen such happy tears or such strong embraces. Welcome Home Kevin. Thank You for being one of the few brave men and women that serve our country.

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