Mar 30, 2010

We’re running out the door RIGHT NOW to have a little family stay-cation with our friends Mark and Candice and their little guy Wyatt. It should be tons of fun and we’re excited for silly family adventures! :)  (Photos from that sometime in the near future.)

SIDEBAR: (* Matt and i love being wedding photographers but we REALLY love to celebrate marriage! We think commitment is such an amazing gift. When circumstances are tough we have the option to run from the situation or grow through it. We believe that marriage is that commitment that you grow through. It’s a challenge, there are bad days, life is not always doling out good times and warm fuzzies but having an amazing spouse to lean on always makes life easier. We felt so blessed to be able to document Roger and Lyndzee’s love. After 7+ years of marriage they are so connected. They respect and love each other. AND they look at each other with googly eyes :)

Roger and Lyndzee are awesome! We have been so lucky to make rad friends in this industry. We spent most of our time at WPPI running around Las Vegas with the two of them. We get along great and have bonded over giggles and similarly stupid senses of humor.

Not only are they cool photographers but they’re also SUPER sexy!! They have a sweet marriage and two radical kiddos (not pictured). We ran all over catching beautiful shots and even got yelled at by landowners holding hoes and shovels!! Then we finished off our day together with the most DELICIOUS Thai food I have ever eaten!!

Rog-Mahal and Lyndz: you guys are such a blessing to us. We love you both. cheers to many more silly afternoons together. :)