Aug 15, 2010
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And here I am yet again talking about our fantastic clients/friends who we love so much! Sam & Tyler, if your new to Mathieu Photography, are our OG clients. They go way back and we LOVE them so much. Our clients chat back and forth on facebook about how they all know each other and how cool it is. Well, we owe it all to them. We could never say enough how grateful we are for clients that love us and tell their friends and family about our business. 

I was so blessed to go visit Madyson a couple weeks after she made her entrance into the world. She’s perfect and Sam & Tyler are complete naturals! Tyler was cracking me up, he’s SUPER protective and he’s a great daddy. And Sam adores her little gal. Madyson gives the sweetest little smiles and I even got to squeeze in some baby-holding time at the end. 

Sam, Tyler & Madyson, we hope you know what a blessing you have been to our lives. We are so excited to watch your family grow!   mathieuphotography_malm -0001.jpg
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