I cried, like, a lot. Sam and Mark are truly a different bread. We have weddings once in a while that I just know the memory of them will stay with me forever. Their gratitude and love for their family and friends is remarkable and they truly just LOVE each other in an all-encompassing, crazy-romantic kinda way. Their pastor spoke such beautiful words to them and called their wedding day the day they said “their forever yes.” I love it. But I loved even more when he told them, “This commitment is heavy but it’s not a burden.” Tears. lots and lots of joyful tears. And then there were even more tears when Mark finished his hand written vows saying, “I will do everything I can to make sure that our family, our friends, cab drivers and total strangers know just how much I love you.” Ahhhh, are you kidding me with all this gooey love!? It’s really tricky to look through your viewfinder when your eyes are filled with tears!!

You guys. We love you both and feel truly, deeply honored that we got to be there to witness your forever YES! We are so grateful that Zoe pointed you guys in our direction. We hope you enjoy all the adventures to come in your future and we can’t wait to hear the stories! xo.