Well folks, it’s been one heck of a year! And we wanted to share the last beautiful nuggets of our family Christmas before we start showing you all the fun stuff 2012 has to offer. First things first… our kids have never met Santa. As you can see it slightly traumatized Riley. Charlotte was just really excited to tell Santa that she wanted “presents” for Christmas. (my little consumer) 

This is our very own home. We LOVE Christmas lights. We would walk Charlotte through our neighborhood and she would say “look, more lights!” at EVERY single house we passed by. It was pretty cute.

Then we had an afternoon of making sugar cookies at Namaw’s house. Of course my mom had to buy them matching aprons! (My little brother Chris had to work and he was so sad to miss spending time with Charlotte)

We attempted to decorate a gingerbread house as a family… here’s what ended up happening: Riley was so pooped he fell asleep mid-dinner. Charlotte ate ALL the candy toppings instead of dinner. And Matt’s poor house fell apart. But regardless, a memory was made. We’ll try again next year.

Here’s our real ginger bread house!

Then our friend Candice came over on Christmas morning and captured our fam celebrating together! 

And finally we headed over to my mom and dad’s house for more festivities! Charlotte got a HUGE kitchen! 

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