Aug 13, 2010
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So, here is yet another story about how being a waitress and part of a rad family had shaped our business… Mike is one of my cousin’s best friends. This means we see Mike on all major holidays. We chat over yummy food and play LRC for dollar bills. I met Jessica years ago while working at Renaissance Bistro . Her best friend Jessie was my favorite face to see at work and Jessica would come in to visit. Some how our ever shrinking worlds collided and Mike & Jessica met and fell in love over all things smart and scientific. Mike is a professional nerd and Jessica is a nurse. They were meant to be and they’re adorable together :)

Wedding like this one are always so much fun. I got to see old friends from the Bistro as well as some of my favorite family members. We also got to see our best-loved makeup artist Lisa from the Primping Parleur. Shannon Berg was the brilliant coordinator and the Hacienda Golf Club was the gorgeous back drop for the reception.
mathieuphotography_JM_-0002.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0003.jpgHandmade treats from Etsy :)mathieuphotography_JM_-0004.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0005.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0006.jpgThere is nothing cooler than a Bride and Groom in TOMS!mathieuphotography_JM_-0007.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0008.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0009.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0010.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0011.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0012.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0013.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0014.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0015.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0016.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0017.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0018.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0019.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0020.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0021.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0022.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0023.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0024.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0025.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0026.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0027.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0028.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0029.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0030.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0031.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0032.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0033.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0034.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0035.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0036.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0037.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0038.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0039.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0040.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0041.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0042.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0043.jpgThis is my cousin: JOE! (he doesn’t like having his photo taken)mathieuphotography_JM_-0044.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0045.jpgmathieuphotography_JM_-0046.jpg
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  • Noelle Mohrooski

    Wow. All your photos are AMAZING! How funny, I went to high school with Mike and Jessica’s mom was in my small group, SMALL world. I love how you guys photograph people with the light. love, love, love it!

  • Ok such an adorable couple!! LOVE so much about these, the toms…the details in general, that yummy sun flare, these rad dancing pictures , that super cute chapel in the back ground….all beyond adorable!

  • Jessica and Mike look awesome! I love the yellow/navy combo. Jojo’s gotee needs a trim. David needs some new dance moves (is he boxing?) And the best-wedding-guest award goes to the gentlemen doing the superman on the dance floor.

  • Love love love! The pics are sooo adorable and capture Jess & Mike perfectly…You two have done it again!!!!!

  • Worth the wait! U really captured this heartfelt day! Dance floor pics rock! Favorite memory, Mr. Longeuay’s blessing on the newlyweds still makes me cry when I think about it. Mike & Jessica Forever

  • super rad clutches and super duper toms shoes. love the ones with them outside the church. awesomeness.

  • I used to wear white shoes everyday. People that didn’t know me called me pee-wee herman. People that did know me called me Roger.

  • loove this post!! beautiful shots :) i love those etsy clutches, me want!

  • get down! (say it like arnold schwarzenegger). i like it when you guys use the wide angle. i like it a lot.