Oct 17, 2012
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Weddings are pretty unforgettable events. Client meetings to discuss wedding details and photography are not necessarily forgettable but there are some meetings that I know I’ll always remember. My initial meeting with Nicole was one of those. I’ve said before that I ask our clients to tell me why they want to marry this person they’re engaged to? Depending on the response I get I can get a good feel for our clients in less than 5 minutes. I asked Nicole and watched her eyes fill with tears. I never met Vincent before their wedding day but I already felt like I knew the kind of man he was from the beautiful things that Nicole had told me about him. Bonded together through growth as individuals and as a couple and their faith in Christ they had a beautiful wedding day. Their ceremony was intentional and lovely and I cried (obviously).
We love our job. Watching them commit to something that they value as highly as we do. Watching their friends and family say such thoughtful and honoring things about them. Watching them share their first dance as husband and wife. Watching them SHRED on the dance floor with all of their favorite people. It was a good night.
We also had the chance to work at The Holding Co. in downtown LA and the food from The Flat Iron Truck was awesome! We love you guys and we hope you have fun adventuring through life together!!!





















































































  • BEST & COOLEST PHOTOGRAPHERS EVER!!!! Wish we could just pay you to follow us around and make us look this good all the time, hehehe :p