Apr 09, 2012
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Riley Jack, you’re almost a year old and you melt our hearts. I listened to all the crying babies at church on Easter and all I could think about was what an angel baby you have been. You rarely cry and you smile OFTEN. Your laugh sounds like it is suffocating you and you eat everything! Your ginormous head is still only covered in peach fuzz but we like it because it gives you such a baby quality, it keeps you young. Your sister tackles you and smothers you and while it terrifies me and daddy it makes you laugh and squeal and we thank God for that because I’m sure that attribute will serve you well in life. Riley, you are number two. You have a baby book that is nearly empty compared to your sister’s and there are far less blog posts about you and you alone but please know that we love you. We adore you, and rather than pick up a pen or a camera at times I would just prefer to pick you up and give you a squeeze! Oh, I almost forgot you headbutt the people that you love and you just started to give these uh-mazing open mouth kisses. We love you, buddy, and it’s such a blessing to be your parents.

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