Photography has opened so many amazing avenues for us. We’ve gotten to make some of the most impactful relationships through this industry and we’ve gotten to refresh and maintain relationships with people from our childhoods! I’ve known Jamie since we were tiny little kids. I recently found a photo of us floating around on Facebook¬†hitting the tether ball courts, that’s me rocking the pink baby doll dress, probably from Mervyns, LOL. I mean, seriously, dating myself here in the best kinda way. Anyhoo, it’s been so neat to reconnect with people that I loved long ago and still have such fondness for into adulthood. What a special day to be a part of. Jamie and Ron, we love you both and it was so awesome to get to celebrate you with all your closest friends from all over! Enjoy all of you PNW adventures!!¬†And a special HUGE thank you to our friend Cami of Cami Jane Photography for coming out and rocking with us!