Sep 21, 2011
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I love when our clients are all ooey-gooey for each other. Russ was a puddle of mush when he saw Kate for the first time. Literally saying, “you look so beautiful!” over and over again. I also love when our clients are not bound by tradition. Many times people feel the need to do the “classic” thing or the “traditional” thing on their wedding day but we say BE YOURSELF! I loved all the rad details that Kate pulled together. From the purple tulle under her tea-length dress and her Kate Spade MRS necklace to her sparkly Jimmy Choos and comfy purple Chucks, Kate thought of everything. (She is also a kick-ass baker and made all the delicious cake-balls for the reception!)
A HUGE highlight for us was seeing the McAfee crew. We went to high school with two rad chicks named Monica and Val. Me and the girls worked at Round Table Pizza wayyyyy back in the day and all I have are good memories. I love those girls even though I don’t get to see them often enough. Since then Monica married the awesome Dave and he was a perfect addition to the crew. His brother happens to be Russ and THIS is how we came to be a part of this wedding. *Thanks Mon, we love you.
Another highlight was watching Russ surprise Kate with the lead singer of Yellow Red Sparks. He sang a special little tune for their first dance and it was presh. The bottom line is we love Russ and kate and we felt so honored to be a part of all the love!
Ceremony Site: The French Estate
Florals: Irvine Village
P.S. if you ever want to treat yourself to some of the RADDEST kicks you’ll ever own you should check out Monica’s site HERE!!! Matt and I have had her design our shoes over the years with our fav bands on them. My Brothers also sport them. You name it she’ll make it RAD. Thrice, Muse, Metallica, Strung Out, she does it all :)
Alright, WAY too many words, here are some photos….

  • Lorraine McAfee

    Matt and Molly,

    Your work is sublime…..the black and white photos totally Rock!

    My faves are the “Umbrella Pics’, ‘The Fans Pic”,”The Shoes Pic, all the girls and Kate’s and Russ’ together..

    And of course….Awesome Monica!