Aug 05, 2013
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Amanda and Ryan are completely adorable. This is what almost a decade of young love looks like. I (Molly), have known Ryan since he was a wee babe. His family was like family to my aunt and uncle and they were always around at gatherings for birthdays and holidays. I’ve been pondering a lot lately the idea of shared experiences and the way it can draw people together. I can’t say that I know Ryan in a deep friendship kinda way but we have shared many laughs and conversations and it’s things like that that make you feel connected no matter how long it’s been. The dynamics of family and what that really means as you grow up is so complicated and beautiful. So many of the people we can condsider family have been chosen by us and for us by God. Wow, I got way off topic with my rambling but these two are like family to us and we’re really excited to shoot their wedding!! We love you guys. Love each other through all that life throws at you. See you soon!