Ryan and Amanda thank you for inviting us in. Weddings are so much more special to the guests because they intimately know the couple. They know the background, the beginnings, the quirks and the tiny details that make up the story that has gathered everyone together for a wedding! ¬†As a photographer at such an intimate event sometimes I feel like a catch a glimpse. Being at the wedding of dear family friends we felt more like guests and it was such a precious day to witness these two committing to forever. Amanda, you looked so incredibly beautiful! And Ryan, getting to see small moments of the way that you so tenderly love Amanda was the most special part of the day for me (Molly). You seem to love her so selflessly, what a blessing to you both. I could gush about you guys all day but I’ll just end with this…. put in the hardwork and always communicate as clearly as you can. We love you both and we are so excited for your future!!!

This is my favorite moment from their wedding. Right at this second she figured out that Ryan had recorded himself singing their first dance song, You Send Me by Sam Cooke. I cried, duh.