May 06, 2013
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Since our sweet sweet baby Lucy is now about 6 months old I suppose I should get this post up. This pregnancy was a little bit different for us (Molly) this time around, having two kids under 3 while being preggo takes its toll. So once we finally got to the big game we had already had a rough false labor and Molly was tired. Molly received an epidural this time around, it proved to be the best option for us. We still tried to keep the process as natural as possible, no pitocin, no forceps or c-sections…The best part about our experience came from our wonderful nurse Michelle. I worked with Michelle years ago at Red Robin and somehow our paths magically crossed again right at Molly’s cervix. It was so great to have a nurse we were so comfortable with and one who was personally invested in getting the best experience out of our birth, she took care of us like we were family (she’s so awesome I bet she treats everyone this great). ¬†Anyway, the baby came out, like they always do…and once again we had yet to confirm a name. After we sat and cuddled the new edition to our family in the wee hours of the morning, we landed on Lucy Grace. Our little one that came relatively quietly into the world seems to continue this demeanor, she just sleeps and smiles. The biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. As far as we are concerned at this point, our family is full. We are so blessed to have such wonderful healthy children.

Lucy Grace Snelson

8 lb 2 oz