Long, long ago we shot our first wedding. It was a nerve wracking day and we were excited and terrified. I’m not sure how often people think about it but there is quite a bit of weight resting on the wedding photographers. If we screw up people’s memories can be ruined forever. (NOW THAT’S HEAVY!) Our first wedding clients were Tarahca and Greg. They are long time family friends who are actually really more like family to us. We were so honored that they entrusted us newbies with such a giant task. Tarahca’s mom still says to this day that it was the best wedding we’ve ever shot (which is a huge compliment). Well, here’s our chance to strike gold again for the Gibson family! Last weekend Dale called us while on a flight from Canada to ask if we could be in on the plan to surprise Taya with the BIG question! We were so excited and, of course, said yes! Matt had a lot of fun being a creeper in the bushes and we are SO excited for their wedding this summer!!! Taya is such a babe, I can’t wait to see her as a bride!! WOOHOO!!

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