Aug 20, 2011
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I am so blessed to do what i do. It was pure beautiful coincidence (with a little Jesus intervention) that I ran into Emily at my chiropractor’s office and overheard that her birth photographer had to have emergency surgery and would be unable to attend her birth. Being that I am so passionate about all things birth I told Dr. Carri I would love to fill in. Little did I know, when I volunteered, that Emily and Josh are SO my people!! Into Arrested Development and huge fans of LOST we had plenty to talk about once little precious Daphne had made her grand entrance into the world. I am SO incredibly honored that I would be welcomed into such an intimate time for their family. Although they were trying for a V-BAC sweet Daphne came via C-section just like her big sister Matilda but as the saying goes, “healthy baby, healthy mom” is always the goal. And so it was Daphne had arrived and her parents were all ooey-gooey over her, as they should be. I was even asked back a few days later to photograph little Daphne in their home with big sister :)

I LOVE MY JOB. Pardys, I love you guys. I can’t wait for our little families of 4 to hang out and become better friends. Enjoy the photos.

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