May 25, 2010
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Tiffany and Tim’s wedding day was filled with old Mathieu Photography
clients/turned friends. Our job hardly ever feels like work but being
surrounded by familiar faces is always an added bonus!

Tiffany was so excited! There was hardly a moment that I didn’t see a
HUGE smile across her face. Talk about confirmation, this was an awesome
day for the two of them. I loved listening to her sister Tracy toast
the happy couple. She talked about how Tiffany wasn’t into the idea of
being married, she dreamed of surfing and drifting along. Little did
Tiffany know there was an awesome guy hanging on the beach wanting to
drift through life with her. I’m in love with our clients. I’m in love
with their stories and I’m always especially thrilled when love finds
them on accident :)

Tiffany and Tim we doubt you could be any tanner but we hope you soaked
up tons of sun on your honeymoon anyway :) Thanks for inviting us to the
party, it was a total honor.

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