Sometimes I’m surprised by how awesome a wedding can be. But other times I already KNOW how awesome it will be and I’m looking forward to it long before the big day arrives. A few years back we shot Christie & Seth’s wedding. We loved their families and of course dreamed of participating in other weddings in the future. I was thrilled when Tracy reached out to us about her upcoming marriage! We chatted for a long time over coffee… about the wedding of course, but also about so many other things. I love having clients that I love as individuals. Clients that don’t feel like “work” but friends. We are truly so lucky, all of our clients tend to fall into this category. We couldn’t wait to shoot Tracy and Brady’s wedding and it surpassed the hype I had built up in my mind. Two people who constantly seek the face of Jesus and are now setting off to do that together. Committed for life. A loyalty of love sworn before all their loved ones and God. So many people eager to toast them, love on them and hug them. A wonderful party and a piƱata filled with a bouquet, a garter and candy (of course). What a day! Tracy, Brady, we hope we’ve captured memories that can last you a lifetime. We love you guys!