In March a few friends of ours are going on a trek to Nepal to climb to the Base Camp of Mt Everest to raise funds and awareness for ‘The Elisha Foundation’. The struggle their team will face on this mountain poetically mirrors the struggle of a family caring for a person with a disability… except that their journey is not just for a few weeks, but for a lifetime. It’s a relentless struggle that often makes the whole family feel isolated and hopeless. This is where The Elisha Foundation (TEF) comes in. Through its Respite, Retreat & Reach programs, TEF provides encouragement, community and rest to those burdened with the care of a disabled person. They also help educate and equip people around the world (both families and volunteers) to provide proper care and help to break down barriers that are faced by those with disabilities and their families. We strongly believe in this cause. To view more information about this trek, please visit . When I first heard about this trip I was intrigued and was very interested in going. I mostly wanted to go at first because of my love for the outdoors and how great it would be to climb part of the world’s largest mountain, knowing I’d never attempt the peak this would be the closest I’d ever get the highest place on earth. This sounded really fun and awesome and the more I learned about the trip the more it became something my heart was attaching to, but not because of the cool mountain climbing aspect but the rad dudes and the reason this whole trip came to be. I have included a video below that explains the purpose of this trip. Just a few weeks ago we gave birth to our 3rd child, and as absolutely wonderful this is for our family it has made making the trip myself out of the question. Having three little ones under 4 yo is quite the the job for my wife and our family. So I couldn’t leave the idea of participating alone. Now here’s where you can help us still participate. The most important need for this trip and the guys going on it is donations. It costs quite a bit of money to get 20 dudes to Nepal to climb the world’s tallest mountain and raising awareness for the trip and ‘The Elisha Foundation’ is really what is needed most and where we can still help. So we have decided to donate a portrait session at a discounted rate so that you can help along with us raise awareness for taking care of people with disabilities not just in our country but around the world. Follow the link below and scroll down to the giving rewards section to find out how to donate and pick up our portrait session. There are also a few other ways to donate if this speaks to you…check out the Print gallery, there are some really fantastic photographs in there, or even a small donation and you can get a postcard/photo from the trip.

Donate by grabbing our Portrait Session HERE!